Common Questions

Do you have questions about planning a meaningful and heartfelt funeral? Working with a dedicated memorial service advisor at Pierce-Jefferson Funeral & Cremation Services​ will help you along the way to answer any questions you may have.

What is a funeral?

A funeral is a ceremony to help family, friends, and community members honor their loved ones and pay their respects. Your loved one’s casket or urn does not have to be present at their funeral. Funerals are dedicated to letting the deceased's friends and family members celebrate their loved ones' lives. They help provide closure and are an essential part of the healing process.

What is the best type of service for my beliefs?

If your loved one did not preplan or state a preference for a funeral service, the best type of service is up to you and any family members involved in the decision. Some families prefer a traditional funeral or memorial service, while others plan a more informal life celebration. 

The type of service you choose is dependent on a variety of factors which may include:

  • Whether you want a service held at a place of worship, funeral home, graveside, outdoors, or private home or club
  • Whether you want your service to follow the rituals of a religious denomination or not
  • Whether you would like to have a large, open service, or a small, private ceremony open to only selected relatives and loved ones
  • If you would like a memorial or tribute service without the presence of the body or cremated remains

Can my service be personalized?

The more personal the service, the more meaningful it will be. At Pierce-Jefferson Funeral & Cremation Services, we can create a one-of-a-kind memorial, whether it is for a loved one or in your preplan arrangements. Our funeral directors and assistants are always ready to discuss your options, tailoring your service to your wishes.

Why are obituaries necessary?

An obituary notifies the community when a death has occurred and when and where a service will be held. Traditionally, obituaries were placed in the local newspaper but are increasingly posted online instead. Pierce-Jefferson Funeral & Cremation Services has a free online obituary platform.

What is a funeral director, and what do they do?

Funeral directors are administrators and caregivers who must pass a rigorous course of study followed by state licensing. From an administrative standpoint, they handle arrangements such as transportation of the body, the completion of paperwork, and initiating action surrounding the family's choice of funeral service and final disposition of a body.

From a caregiving standpoint, they are compassionate listeners, supporters, and advisors during difficult times. Funeral directors have expertise in helping the bereaved cope with death and are trained to answer questions surrounding grief, notice when someone is having difficulty coping, and find the appropriate sources of comfort and assistance.

What should I do if a death occurs on the weekend, in the middle of the night, or while away from home?

Our professional and compassionate staff members are available to help 24/7 and do our best to arrive as soon as possible. It’s understandable for family members to want to spend a short period with the deceased, so we will only come when the time is right for you.

Pierce-Jefferson Funeral & Cremation Services is here to help you wherever a death occurs worldwide. Call (336) 904-1053 immediately, and we will arrange to bring your loved one home as soon as possible.

What is embalming, and what is its purpose?

Embalming is the process of preserving a body by delaying the natural effects of death.  This is done by introducing specialized embalming solutions into the body after someone has passed away, helping to give them a more peaceful appearance.

Embalming helps family members take more time to arrange the service that meets the wishes of their loved one, allowing for viewing as well.

Embalming is not mandatory by law but is necessary for special situations.

Can you still have a funeral if you choose cremation?

We strongly encourage all families to have a funeral or memorial, regardless of cremation or traditional burial. Funerals allow family and friends to pay their respects, gather together, and find strength in their shared grief. Cremation often follows a funeral service, meaning you can have a visitation service before cremation.

We’re here to help you every step of the way. For answers to your immediate questions, call (336) 904-1053​.